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IAC 2023 BAKU — International Astronautical Congress

26 ноября 2022


IAC 2023 BAKU — International Astronautical Congress

2023 will mark the iconic return of the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) ** to the marvelous capital city of **Azerbaijan for the second time after exactly a half century later – this time under the theme of “ Global Challenges and Opportunities: Give Space a Chance”.

In 2023, the global space community will convene in Baku at the International Astronautical Congress once again, exactly 50 years after Baku hosted the 74th edition of the IAC and became the first and the only city in the region to do so. During 2-6 October 2023 IAC will attract more than 5000 participants to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

This, certainly, is a major occasion in the history of the space industry development in Azerbaijan, as it is one of the core priorities of our vision as a country aspiring to foster the formation of regional space ecosystem and strengthen its position as an emerging space nation.

Delving into the most recent developments in space, the guests and participants will also have a unique chance to experience the unmatched Azerbaijani hospitality and authentic culture.

This edition of the Congress is coupled with first-hand experience of the unmatched Azerbaijani hospitality, genuine cultural immersion, and the diverse charms of our beautiful country. Discover the spectacular facets of Azerbaijan and get ready for the celebration of space in Baku in 2023!


Baku has everything that it takes to host such a prominent and large-scale event as the IAC, including accessibility through its Heydar Aliyev International Airport certified with the 5-Star Regional Airport Rating by Skytrax, a wide range of accommodation options from luxury hotels to low-budget facilities, and of course, a magnificent venue to host the event itself. All of these are bolstered with a series of unique local experiences that promise genuine cultural immersion and will most definitely stay with you long after your departure.

Host venues of the event will be the Baku Convention Centre and Heydar Aliyev Centre, located at the heart of the city, together with a dedicated exhibition pavilion that will be assembled right between them specifically for the 74th IAC. Both venues are major architectural landmarks, design of which adds a great value to Baku’s reputation as the city of contrasts while ensuring that events are organised at the highest level.



While historical and modern landmarks certainly make the skyline of this city shine in a harmonious blend, the multicultural environment makes visitors feel at home. You name what you look for – exclusive hospitality, UNESCO World Heritage Sites with prehistoric and medieval monuments, breath-taking modern buildings, restaurants serving both mouth-watering local dishes and international cuisine, rich museums and galleries, vibrant nightlife opportunities that will certainly charge you with positive mood, and many more to enjoy your stay here in Baku.

We look forward to you enjoying the next IAC in Baku while gaining a lifetime experience in a city full of pleasant surprises. And keep an eye out for the upcoming news that will help you to discover Baku and its spectacular facets!

Become a part of this remarkable event and join us in the celebration of space in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2023!

More information about event and participation terms https://www.iac2023.org/about/about-iac/ 


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